WildCraft Foragers Cider Club

Membership has its benefits.

When you join the WildCraft Foragers Cider Club, get special access, exclusive discounts, and distinctive flavors delivered to your door or available for pick-up. Each quarter, we’ll pair ciders we think you’ll love based on your cider style selection. Choose either 6 or 12 bottles per quarter. 12 bottle club members also get a complimentary 750 mL of our premium Pom-Mistelle!

6 Bottle Club: $195 per year (10% savings)

Receive 6 500-mL bottles per quarter from each of the following cider collections: flagship, category flagship, category seasonal, category cellar reserve, higher arcana, cider club exclusives.

And get:

  • 2 Wildcraft stemmed cider glasses, 2 coasters and 1 hat with first shipment.

  • 10% off tasting room (excluding food), online purchases, on-site events and space rentals.

  • 2 FREE tickets to Harvest Party (fall) or Fiddlehead Festival (spring).

  • First access to special releases.

  • Shipping discount: save up to 64%.

12 Bottle Club: $390 per year (10% savings)

Receive 12 500-mL bottles per quarter from each of the following cider collections: 2 flagship, 2 category flagship, 2 category seasonal, 2 category cellar reserve, 2 higher arcana, 2 cider club exclusives.

And get:

  • All of the above 6 BOTTLE benefits, plus:

  • 1 bonus bottle of Pom-Mistelle (up to $70 value), cellar masters’ choice.

  • Free private tour with our cidermaker per year, up to 8 people.

Cider Categories

When you join the club, we'll ask you to select a cider category. Choose from the options below to infuse your quarterly shipment with your preferred cider style.


Heirloom varieties of pome, stone, and cane fruit are pressed just after harvest. These fruit wines are barrel aged and later blended with fermented botanicals and ciders from our cellar collection. Each ingredient is individually fermented using only wild yeasts found in nature.


Select botanicals add depth of flavor as well as an expression of place. The seasonality of the harvest and whether the plant performs best fresh or dried, dictates the method of introduction used, including oxidation, fermentation, cold infusion, warm infusion, direct contact, or post blending.


For those who appreciate just the pome fruits (apple, pear, and quince), you’ll love our Traditional series. Expect a fruit-forward flavor from naturally fermented blends of both young and aged heritage varieties.

The Fine Print:

  • We'll charge your Cider Club membership in full for the year when you sign-up, but you'll get new shipments quarterly.

  • Shipments are: 1/15, 4/15, 7/15, 10/15.

  • Your first shipment will occur on the date following your payment date.

  • At this time, there are no substitutions. We hope you’ll love everything in your shipment, or, if not, share with family or friends.

  • If you choose to have your cider delivered, shipping costs will be billed in conjunction with your annual payment and are a flat rate to cover all shipments for the year.